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Imperfections & Skin Discolouration

At Skin Sync, we believe in the power of confidence. We're not just here to help you look better; we're here to help you feel better too. What started as a way to make our clients feel confident and whole again has now blossomed into a remarkable service available to the public.

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The story of Skin Sync is one rooted in a commitment to helping people regain their self-assurance. We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, no matter what life has thrown their way. Our founder's passion for this mission led to the birth of Skin Sync, where we specialize in a Neu Tattoo Skin camouflage technique & Lip Blush that can transform imperfections into a source of pride.

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Why Skin Sync?

At Skin Sync, we use advanced AI technology to provide a unique and innovative solution for concealing a range of skin imperfections with Neu Tattoo. Our cutting-edge technique can be applied to various concerns, including:



Our PMU Artist has done hundreds of clients who praise him for his 'gentle touch' which often results in a very comfortable treatment process even for more delicate areas such as lips and undereyes. 


Natural Results

At Skin Sync, we believe in natural results so you can expect results to be hardly noticeable, it will just be you but better! We believe in giving all our clients the confidence to embrace the au naturale look without the use of cosmetic make up. Whether you are concealing dark undereyes or scars or wanting to get rid of dark and pale lips or even to get fuller brows, we can help you!


Organic Pigments

Our pigments are all organic from Korea which is safe to the body. You can rest assured when you get your procedure done at Skin Sync.


Powered by AI Technology

Use of advanced AI technology to match the pigment color with the utmost precision. This technology ensures that the camouflage blends seamlessly with your natural skin tone, providing higher color accuracy.

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